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Chief Executive Officer returns to Germany

Marek Andryszak TUI PolandAfter six years, years full of successes, Mr. Marek Andryszak, CEO of TUI Poland returns to Germany. About the successes achieved, Mr. Marek Andryszak often told without false modesty. However, his assessment of the achievements were not shared by everyone. Mr. Marek Andryszak, despite the Polish sounding name, is German (Polish origin, very well familiar with our language). In 2008 he came to Poland from Germany, where he had held various positions in the local company TUI Deutschland. In Poland he became a president of TUI Poland.

The year 2008 was the last year of boom in tourism before a deep financial crisis. Later all collapsed. Marek Andryszak was to lead TUI Poland through a difficult period. His task he began to solve with verve and new ideas.


The main idea was to ... get rid of the sellers. The new president began the war with the agents. Arguing that unnecessarily he spends money on agency commissions, he terminated contracts with the vast majority of agents. He was glad that in this way he saved 1.5-1.7 mln euro but did not mention that he had probably spent more money to maintain own shops. After all, you have to sell somehow. Production alone is not enough. If there are no agents, there must be own shops. And fixed costs, rents, salaries, etc. Internet only is not enough. It is impossible in Poland, at least for now, to build the sale of tourist trips only through the web. Anyway, a good positioning in the net and advertising are not free either.

Mr. Marek Andryszak was so strongly attached to his ideas that the facts did not convince him. Just the contrary. He argued that thanks to his strategy, TUI Poland, after several years of setbacks, in 2013 and 2014 finally achieved positive financial results. He forgot that at that time there was a recovery in the economy and all the tourist companies improved their results.

It is hard to believe but Mr. Marek Andryszak was really firmly convinced of the rightness of his bizarre strategy. He considered as  true the principle that you can increase sales by removing vendors ... Mr. Marek Andryszak’s good mood was not broken even when TUI Poland lost its second position among tour operators in Poland, being surpassed by Rainbow. He seemed to believe that the improvement in financial results of TUI Poland was an effect of his management and not a reflection of better economic conditions. Even such a  basic indicator as a market share (which was falling) did not impress him much.


Mr. Marek Andryszak’s job  must have had an approval of the heads in Germany, where supporting signals flowed from – at least officially. But what particularly amazes  - Mr. Marek Andryszak captivated the important people in Poland - associated with the previous government. In 2013 he was appointed to the supervisory board of the national air carrier - PLL LOT. In this way, Mr. Marek Andryszak became a representative of Polish society - which is the PLL LOT’s formal owner - in an important state-owned company. It remains unknown how he earned a favor of the then authorities but they considered a foreigner, a president of German company as a good representative of our state. Mr. Marek Andryszak did not even try to pretend that he had some special knowledge of aviation companies. In an interview for Polish daily "Rzeczpospolita" frankly admitted that his knowledge of PLL LOT was based on press reports ...


Today Mr. Marek Andryszak is not a member of the PLL LOT’s supervisory board. The net financial profit of TUI Poland in 2015 was a pathetic 6,000 euros(!). The spell has been broken. TUI Poland had about 300 thousand customers has been left far behind the main competitors. Recently, Mr. Marek Andryszak was  trying to gently rebuild the agency network - of course, without admitting the fault. However, he was doing it with too little energy. Or maybe it was too late. Very disappointing financial results and probably not the best prospects of the company meant the time for a change.

And in front of Mr. Marek Andryszak a new path to a career has been widely opened. He has been offered a position of CEO of the L'Tur - a company selling "last minute" offers. Headquartered in Germany. Marek Andryszak is leaving Poland. He is returning to Germany.


May 5th, 2016