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It is going to be even better for clients and tourists. So does EU say

Tourist rights have been increased! Also those buying online! The European Parliament passed a so-called “travel package” which included rules for the sale of tours and their implementation. EU’s directive on this matter has been eagerly anticipated for many months. For several years discussions have been continued. Finally came to the end and from now on it will be better. At least it has to be better. The only question is: whom for? For tourists or the travel agencies? Media in Poland, of course, emphasize the benefits that await tourists after an implementation of the Directive. It seems, however, that the most reason for satisfaction tourist companies have.

UE-nowe prawa dla turystówThere is no surprise that the Union had to deal with changing regulations on tourism. The ones binding now were adopted in 1990. In very different circumstances at times of crawling Internet and unknown mobile phones. Economy, has been developed and the Union itself has changed - a number of new countries has joined it.

There is no doubt that the European Union must enact new legislation. But the matter looks quite different in the case of Poland. Most of the regulations contained in the EU "tourist package" is already in force. In Poland. And it is for a long time. Practically,  all those that truly protect the customers we already have in our law. There is only a lack of those provisions which, de facto, weaken the position of the customer.

The EU’s Directive describes in detail the tour operators’ obligations, the principle of tours, lodging complaints, etc. So there is everything what we have in our Tourism Act.

The novelty is to grant customers the "right" to resign if the price of the package increases by more than 8 percent. Which means that – otherwise - customers are deprived of such a right. Our law allowed for no-cost resignation in the event of any price change.
The new regulation will certainly  make tour operators  happy. This will allow them to save many millions of dollars.

The directive also restores the tables with standardized costs of resignation. In Poland, a tour operator must prove that a client resignation from the tour brought him  loss. And the customer may be charged only with the amount equal to that loss. After entering into force of the Directive, the client who will not be able to go on a trip and notifies the organizer several days before the departure will have to pay the amount foreseen in the table, eg. 80 percent of the tour price. Even if the company sells the tour to someone else!
The new regulation will certainly  make tour operators  happy. It gives them the opportunity to sell the same tour twice.

There is also a quite new provision in the Directive.
EU officials got down to the portals dealing with so-called “dynamic packaging”. Now, these portals will have an obligation to buy tour operator’s guarantee, despite the fact that they are not tour operators at all. Their method of operation is to combine several services provided by other companies - including real tour operators. Company dedicated to the dynamic packaging is nothing more than a simple application that searches a database of real organizers and trying to sell their services. More and more people search the internet for tourism offers, abandoning the traditional travel agencies which is a potential threat for them. The requirement to buy tour operator’s guarantees by Internet portals, which are not tour operators, is associated with high costs which many of them are not able to match.
The new regulation will certainly  make tour operators  happy. This will allow them to save many millions of dollars.

Poland has two years for implementation of the new provisions. If our government speeds up  we will be happy  soon. Otherwise,  all the benefits flowing from the new law will come to us only in 2019 ...


October 28th, 2015