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Ryanair pushes and shoves in tourist market. It is turn of Corfu

There is growing competition for traditional tour operators. Low cost airline Ryanair announced an expansion of its flights offer to tourist destinations. Next summer the Irish carrier will include the Greek island of Corfu in its program.

Ryanair na KorfuAlthough it is impossible to guess how the political situation in the Middle East will evolve
and it is unknown whether the stream of refugees decreases in the next year or it will be the contrary, it seems that Corfu has an important advantage which is its location. It is, in fact, on the north-west of the Greek mainland and partly off the coast of Albania. The trail which the refugees roam  bypasses it. Greece, apart from its economic problems, is considered a peaceful country, free from threats lurking on tourists. For this reason, in 2015, the Polish tourists most often spent their holidays there. The only threat to the tranquility of resting is – stoked up by the media - images of crowds of Syrians and residents of other countries arriving on the island, which detracts tourists’ blissful relaxation. There have been reports of outbreaks of exotic diseases. Regardless of how real the threats are and how much they are a minor inconvenience they do not apply to the island of Corfu.

Corfu is the destination chosen by Ryanair which snatching, in this way, a part of the market from traditional tour operators as well as a part of their revenue and income. Prices - especially now when there is a long time to the summer - are very attractive. And for travel companies - killing.

When buying tickets - well in advance - for the beginning of May you pay only 388 zlotys/90 euro (plus traditional for Ryanair surcharges for baggage, seat selection, etc.). At the peak of the season - in August, price of a return ticket is 578 zlotys (130 eur). No tour operator has a chance to offer such a price. Of course, prices change quickly and over time it will be more and more difficult to find real bargains but a decision of a book in advance can save a lot.

The low-cost carrier’s entrance is the bigger blow for tour operators that they are trying to promote early bookings which are to be made months in advance - in the period when competing with budget carriers is particularly difficult.

For example, the cheapest promotional offer in August of the largest Polish tour operator – Itaka - costs 1722 zlotys (420 euro). It includes not only a flight but a hotel as well. To be precised: a studio. It is only three star category accommodation, self-catering. On booking.com website you can reserve the same hotel for 350-400 zlotys (85-95 euro) per person (when comparing prices it is worth to remember that they apply to the entire room and not a single person).

Ryanair will be flying to Corfu from the beginning of May from four cities in Poland: Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan and Rzeszow. In this way it will complete its Greek offer as before some other Greek routes were covered by this company.

In the summer of 2016, Ryanair will operate the following connections from Polish to Greece:
• from Warsaw: Corfu, Crete (Chania), Thessaloniki, Athens,
• from Katowice: Corfu, Crete (Chania),
• from Poznan: Corfu,
• from Rzeszow: Corfu,
• from Krakow: Kos,
• from Wroclaw: Crete (Chania).


October 21st, 2015