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Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ statement after the attack in Ankara

After the bombing in Ankara Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not published a special announcement to advise against trips to Turkey, issuing a statement only in which - after expressing regret and sympathy to the families of the victims - reported that prior warning remained in force.

This early warning is dated 27 July 2015 and has arisen directly after military operations carried out on the border of south-eastern Turkey. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its statement "strongly recommends Polish citizens to refrain from traveling in those regions of the country and people staying there temporarily should consider their leave and residents ought to be very careful".

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - PolandDue to the fact that Ankara in no way can be considered as a city located in south-eastern Turkey (actually it is located in the center of Turkey's north-west), it must be assumed that the events in Ankara did not change the Ministry’s assessment of  the political and security situation in the country. It is still strongly recommended to refrain from travelling in the border areas. Polish tourists staying in other places, should "exercise caution while they are in larger urban areas and tourist clusters and avoid all gatherings in public places as well as strict adherence to the Turkish authorities." This sentence was in the Foreign Ministry statement issued after the bombing in Ankara, not in the official warning of July 27 which is still in force.

Poles staying in tourist resorts  - if they are extremely cautious - can feel safe. Such a position of the Foreign Ministry definitely brought a sigh of relief from  tour operators. Although this is already the last days of vacation travelling but the season in Turkey is slightly longer than in other countries and still on beaches of Alanya, Belek, Side and other resorts our tourists enjoy their rest.

Fortunately - for tour operators - most of them have already completed the Turkish operation. Only remaining are: TUI Poland, Wezyr-Coral Travel and less well-known company - Premio Travel (Dutch shareholders, registered as a company in November 2009, share capital - 120 thousand zlotys, tour operator’s warranty - 2 million). There is also Ecco Travel but all the offers are "on request" which means that they can easily withdraw.

The situation in Turkey must affect TUI Poland mostly. Already last year TUI Poland decided to extend the holiday season in Turkey. Aircrafts with TUI’s customers were flying there throughout the winter. The Management of TUI Poland positively evaluated own experience of last year and decided to proceed in the current year. They do not intend to share the seats on planes with anyone else. The whole volume is to be sold on their own. Most likely, the last attack in Turkey strongly impede the implementation of TUI Poland ‘s plans and it is not sure that the whole operation will reach the planned success.

The real season for trips to Turkey will begin in first days of May. Until then travel companies can hope that the political situation will clarify and it will be possible to fully implement the programs.

Fortunately - for tour operators - Polish Foreign Ministry’s moves are soft. In contrast to its attitude after the events in Egypt. In the case of this country, an actual ban of travel to any place there is still in force (Foreign Ministry advises against). Even to tourist resorts.

And Egypt has a different climate. This is a country to which winter tours are organized by numerous tour operators. Not only TUI Poland.


13 October 2015