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New images of Neckermann Poland and Rainbow Tours


There comes a time of "rebranding". It seems the owners of travel agencies felt more confident. The last two years have brought them an income, which they could had not dreamt of for a long time - between 2009 and 2013. There was a strong rebound and the companies felt the taste of success. Although in any industry, particularly in tourism, nothing lasts forever, economic situation like to be capricious and it is hard to know what the future will bring, but now some people gain conviction that they can only get better.

Neckermann and Rainbow rebranding"Rebranding" that is changing the image of the company by introducing new forms of its presentation, it was not yet particularly popular among tourist offices. Sometimes there were minor adjustments of logos, often put together with major modifications in companies with the emergence of new owners or boards. For example, Exim Tours replaced the red color of the letters with white, introducing red background. All in all, this is hardly a revolutionary move.

The events of recent weeks seem like there was a new fashion. Two leading travel agencies announced the changes in their depictions.


The first was Neckermann Poland. In the case of this company, the matter is simple. Thomas Cook, Neckermann’s owner, two years earlier decided to introduce the new logo. It is the sign, called "sunny heart." In the first period, Thomas Cook's decision did not concern Neckermann Poland. Thomas Cook owns many brands and introduce changes gradually. In the end, it was the turn for Neckermann Poland. Later this year, the changes await companies with offices in several other European countries.

Heads of Neckermann Poland tout the new logo, claiming that it is an expression of the changes taking place in the whole group and that “it connects  directly the visual identity with strategic corporate values ​​such as trust and customer care." So says a spokeswoman for the agency, Magdalena Plutecka-Dido. Frankly, this sentence does not mean much but it is round and sounds good. We are to understand that care of customers is the ultimate goal of Neckermann, probably  this is the meaning and reason for its existence, and a new sign clearly indicates that.


Also, another company bosses, Rainbow Tours, which is changing its image, do not forget to praise the attractiveness of their decisions. Rainbow Tours, is now second touroperator in Poland in terms of number of customers and revenue. For many months they have been sending messages, press releases, etc., about further successes, more and better financial results, increasing revenues and beaten records of success (in different categories). And finally in early October, the management of Rainbow Tours has announced a change of the image.

Just like Neckermann, Rainbow Tours changes its logo. No longer there will be will the sun looking out from behind a palm tree. The new sign is the letter "R". Of course, the heads of companies and marketers do not spare admiration of the changes introduced. The letter "R" is - in their opinion - "cheerful, holiday and friendly" (spokesman of the company, Radomir Swiderski) will facilitate closer to younger customers, and will show that Rainbow Tours is a modern company -  as the chairman and one the main owners, Grzegorz Baszczyński says.

But Rainbow Tours’ rebranding do not ends up on changing the logotype. The company will be using new commercial name. End of the Rainbow Tours! Now, simply, Rainbow. The heads of the company, convinced (rightly!) of sufficient brand awareness, resigned from the segment "Tours". In the name there will not be any reference to tourism, but it is not needed any longer. Now, no one will confuse a travel agency with Rainbow vacuum cleaners, which used to have a big advantage on it in the past - in the category of recognition.

Admittedly, the owners of the Rainbow (tourism), have done a very good job. Starting in the early 90-ies with a small office in Lodz, trying their chances in organizing half touristic and half commercial trips to southern Europe, they have come to the point where their company gives the impression of high stability, standing on strong financial foundations. Rainbow, this year even bought a hotel in Greece, but the scale of the company is so large that this fact was considered unimportant.

The last amendment introduced by Rainbow, is a new web address. The former was rainbowtours.pl. But you can also get to the company's website by typing in the browser bar extremely short address: r.pl. Rainbow had to buy this domain back from the previous owner. Currently, there is no possibility of booking a one-letter domains.. Rainbow managed to buy the letter "R".


"Rebranding" hit to tourism. I wonder whether other companies will follow the same path. TUI has  changed its logo yet. Now turn to Itaka ... Other travel agencies belonging to the forefront are young and they do not have to modernize their image. And the older and quite old no longer exist. Orbis Travel, ten years ago, also applied the "rebranding" ...


October 6, 2015