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LowCostTravelGroup is moving to Poland

It seems think we have another success of our government’s long-term policy. Keeping salaries at a very low level accompanied by a high unemployment bearing fruits again. Management of LowcostTravelGroup.com, company founded in UK  in 2004, announced the intention to transfer most of its structures to our country. Fortune - this time - smiles to Krakow. The British tourism entrepreneur is going to develop the business just in this town. The firm does not resign completely from its offices in Gatwick and Palma de Mallorca but most of the business is going to be led in Poland.

Redundant staff  from other countries will be submitted the company’s management proposal to move to Krakow. I wonder whether with an existing remuneration or with a new one, sufficient to live in our country... Probably everything will end up with arrival to Poland of a group of managers and bosses, while the core team will be recruited from the "indigenous" population.

Lowcosttravelgropup in PolandLowCostTravelGroup.com is one of the major players in the European markets of online sales of tourist packages. It operates under two brands: lowcostholidays.com and lowcostbeds.com.

At turnover of $ 900 million a year it handled, 3 million customers last year and employs 500 people in different countries. In addition to Palm, Gatwick and Krakow, also it has offices in Romanshorn (Switzerland), Atlanta, Sao Paulo and Bangkok.

Soon, the core employees will be in Polish town - Krakow. We have reason to be pleased and perhaps even pride! Several hundred people will be working in a large international corporation operating in the tourism industry. And recently, it is not easy to find something in tourism. The number of travel agencies continually falls and almost no one is looking for new employees (not counting agents but mostly they cope alone or with family’s help).

And now, suddenly, there is a chance to work for LowCostTravelGroup.com! On the company's website recruitment ads have appeared. For now, only IT specialists are sought. But it has to change. Marketing departments, airline tickets, customer service and accounting are supposed to be extended. But rather only basic staff level will be required. As head offices, despite the reduction, will remain in Switzerland and Mallorca.

If existing employees - residents of Mallorca, England and Switzerland - will not accept the offer of moving to Poland and earning roughly the same amount as before, only expressed in Polish zloty, not in euros, pounds or francs, it will open up opportunities for us. While some jobs might be taken by foreigners searching for a new experience and an adventure, we can count on the fact that the least attractive positions will remain vacant… And certainly, Poles seeking any employment will be happy from working as assistants, secretaries, junior salesmen, etc.

In this way, once again we will successfully exploit a huge asset of our country. Country which lying in the center of Europe, being a member of the European Union: low salary costs. Thanks to the fact that we earn several times less than English or Spanish, we can take the chance to work for a foreign employer.


September 22, 2015