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Travel Planet and its new tool

Internet travel agency, one of the most famous in Poland, Travelplanet (second largest, registered on a stock exchange) launched on its website a new service and named it Travel Alert. As you might guess, its task will be to inform users about current emerging offerings. I must admit that Travelplanet is trying to spice up their website. As we know, all sites are very similar and the process of unification all the time progresses and the sites where you can buy tours actually are not different to each other except from colors and a company’s logo.

Travelplanet IT specialists or perhaps marketers constantly find new ideas. On the company’s website you can find something called Last Minute Navigator. It would seem that there is nothing new because all online travel agencies provide tools which make easy to select appropriate offer – especially, the most sought, “last minute”. But Travelplanet did it with a rare charm. Graphical user interface really makes searching tours easy. Searching internet database according to given conditions takes very short time.

Travel Planet alertThe new idea is Travel Alert. However, it seems that its importance will not be serious  as it is expected by the authors. Although you never know – maybe they do not have exaggerated expectations ...

It has a fairly "spam" character. Travel Alert is to sent to the customer offers, i.e. to do exactly the same what all  systems do and as well as staff in all travel agencies, creating various mailing, sending messages, information about special offers, discounts and extraordinary occasions. All this is done in the hope that there will be readers interested in the offer and buy something. Travel Alert, in essence, do not differ much  from a traditional newsletter. When you sign up you will be getting offers in more or less regular periods of time.

The difference is probably only one. In the case of Travelplanet you can introduced boundary conditions under which these offers are selected. Usually on holidays you go once a year. Some people do it twice. Only very few go no vacation more than two times a year. A departure day is known in advance and offers presenting variants of possible recreation flowing in several times a week are quite useless and may even annoy.

But certainly, the ingenuity of Travelplanet’s people is something that allows the company to stand out from the competition and perhaps for some customers the newly introduced solution really facilitate decision-making in matters of holiday trips.


September 22, 2015